Camp Texas

  • Dedicated to Enhancing Three-Person Mechanics for Officials
  • TASO Approved Basketball Camp
  • THSBOA Approved Basketball Camp
  • Registered UIL Camp



What is Camp Texas: Camp Texas is dedicated to teaching and perfecting the higher-level skills of three-person mechanics for experienced basketball officials. Camp Texas is TASO and THSBOA approved as a three-person certification camp.

Camp Texas was established in 2006 and has received positive reviews from attending campers for professionalism and quality of instruction. The mission of Camp Texas is to advance each basketball officials skills through a combination of classroom and live game situations.

Who Should Attend: Camp Texas is an excellent choice for officials with prior three-person experience who are looking to enhance their basketball officiating and game management skills. Camp Texas is an excellent choice in summer camps to retain certification with your local chapter.

Staff: Camp Texas is comprised of a dedicated group of playoff and collegiate level experienced officials.

camp2The Camp Texas Experience: Camp Texas will have a balance of quality classroom instruction and officiating live games. The classroom instruction is provided by many of the most respected basketball officials in the Greater Houston area, who have over 20 years of experience in officiating basketball at the high school and college level.  The points of emphasis of the Camp Texas experience will include the following:

  • Classroom instruction that you can apply to game situations
  • Live game play in conjunction with the Texas A&M Men’s Basketball Team Camp featuring schools from across the state
  • On the court observation/evaluation by experienced clinicians focused on enhancing your game calling and management skills
  • Written personalized instruction will be provided to assist each camper with retention of information learned in game situations
  • Focus on building confidence in call selection
  • Shared knowledge of improving game management skills
  • Fine tuning player and coach communication skills
  • Becoming the best basketball official that you can be

camp3What Did Former Campers have to say about Camp Texas?

  • “I appreciated the advanced approach”
  • “Great one-on-one instruction, clinicians took their time to review everything…Q & A was very good…not rushed”
  • “Worth every penny”
  • “No elementary teaching, no wasted time on patty cake stuff…very useful information…great camp”
  • “It’s wonderful to be in a camp setting where I was being treated with respect and encouragement”
  • “Super camp, I’ll be back next year”
  • ‘Excellent discussion on pre-game and game management…I’ll put it to good use”
  • “I enjoyed the fact that we focused on issues that all officials had, there was no rigid format”
  • “The best basketball officiating camp that I have attended”