Frequently Asked Questions

When does the camp start?
Check-in and Registration will be held Thursday evening from 6-10pm. Class room sessions start on morning of June 14. You will receive a room assignment, including key so you can unpack before or after the classroom session. Camp details will be sent out prior camp.

When does the camp end?
The camp will end Sunday afternoon, JuneĀ 16. In the past the camp has ended by 3 pm.

What does my camp fee include?
Your camp fee includes room and board, breakfasts, lunches, dinners (Friday/Saturday), snacks, water, handouts, a gift, video and written evaluations, and other camp expenses.

What do I need to bring to camp?
Bring your bedding, pillow for a twin bed, personal towels, and toiletries. There is internet access, but you will need an ethernet cord to connect. Cable TV is available, but bring your own TV.

Bring your grey shirts, black shorts, shoes, and whistle. Recommend packing a black and white shirt in the event that someone in your crew does not have a grey shirt.

It is recommended to bring a flash drive so that your filmed games can be downloaded by our support staff.

Am I evaluated every game?
Yes, if you are on a floor that is filming you will receive a written evaluation along with a copy of the film, other floors received a written evaluation from the evaluator.

Are there trainers available?
There are trainers available while the camp is in session.

What if I get injured during camp?
We encourage that everyone stretches before there game, however if you need to sit out because of an injury just let our game scheduler know so he can get a replacement.

What if I need to leave camp early, or arrive late?
Please let our staff know as soon as possible so that we can make any scheduling adjustments.